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Pink Fluff Banana Smoothie

AKA the easiest smoothie ever! This crowd pleaser has the prettiest colour and best flavour. It's perfect pre or post workout, at work as a mobile breakfast or for the little ones. It tastes like cotton candy but it naturally sweetened so what's not to love? Make one today! Ingredients 1 cup of frozen strawberries… Continue reading Pink Fluff Banana Smoothie


Daily Eats: zesty cream sauce pasta and grilled veggies

Welcome to the Daily Eats section of the blog. Featuring easy and delicious dishes which we make at home, serve to friends and bring anywhere from potlucks to work lunches. We think everyone can become a vegan chef with great skills and can learn to love the art of cooking at home. These recipes will… Continue reading Daily Eats: zesty cream sauce pasta and grilled veggies

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Oatmeal Banana Pancakes.

  I mostly maintain the ultimate simplicity when it comes to breakfasts. While I usually favour a fruitarian breakfast of fresh fruit, 10 banana smoothies, or pear banana and kale smoothies, occasionally I'll whip up a hot breakfast of oatmeal or pancakes. Fruit is the ultimate high carb, low fat breakfast. It is quick digesting… Continue reading Oatmeal Banana Pancakes.

Nutrition, Recipes

Sweet Potato and Sprout Rice Bowl

  The Everyday Energizing Rice Bowl   We made this delicious meal and brought it to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park. Dinner and a hike! Yielded Servings: as many as you need. No instructions for amounts of base or veggies so that you can decide for yourself based on a big family, wanting to prep… Continue reading Sweet Potato and Sprout Rice Bowl