Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching

PlantKind Fitness is about how you move and how you feel. It’s about looking in the mirror and liking what you see inside and out so that you can live well!

PlantKind is about lifelong fitness – helping you discover the strong, resilient and capable body you were born to have.

I’ll show you how to reset your body and tap into the natural and functional design you were born with. Restore reflexive strength, balance, posture and healthy movement while reducing physical pain and discomfort. On top of this rock solid foundation, our sessions develop strength, skill and power in fundamental human movements using tried and tested methods.

No two programs are the same. Your program is customized to your individual needs and goals. Through constant monitoring of progress and individual assessment keeps you invested in the process and ever improving.

PlantKind Fitness is for real people who want to live a full life. You don’t need tons of time, a gym membership or a large space. All you need is consistency and some guidance! PlantKind is for busy parents and professionals, elderly and athletes and anyone that can benefit from moving with more skill and strength!

No matter your age or skill level, I can help you discover the strength inside of you!

“Before I began training with Kyle, I was overweight, always tired and suffering from aches and pains while doing even minor exercises. After training with Kyle, my strength has increased more than I could have imagined, I trained for and ran 2 sub-4 hour marathons, I sleep better, I look better and most of all, I  feel better. Kyle’s positive attitude makes training enjoyable and his knowledge and ability to vary the sessions make it easy to keep coming back. “

Rush, morning radio host