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Tropical Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

“Inflammation is the enemy of the athlete!” Anyone who has trained with focus and intensity for an athletic event knows that the faster you can recover from your training session, the sooner you can train hard again. Being able to train more intensely and consistently is the secret to better performance.

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7 Vegan Swaps to Simplify your Life

Many people say "I could probably go vegan if it weren't for cream in coffee / the taste of cheese / having to read every label..etc etc". I think those people are at a point where they can see themselves giving up the big ticket items such as red meat and bacon but are hesitant… Continue reading 7 Vegan Swaps to Simplify your Life

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Book Review: How Not to Die!

One of the primary reasons I started PlantKind was to provide simple strategies to help vegans stay vegan. Sadly, roughly seventy percent of people who go vegan go back to eating animal products. The majority of these ex-vegans say that they go back for so-called, “health reasons”. I must disagree with vegans who argue that the… Continue reading Book Review: How Not to Die!


The PlantKind Lifestyle Directory

  Ottawa vegan lifestyle shops, brands and tips By Jane Kearnan den Bak Vegan Friendly Shops clothes + shoes + accessories Green Tree 358 Richmond Rd   Flock Boutique 1275 Wellington St W   Road Trip 24-B York St   Trustfund 493 Sussex Drive   Nordstrom 50 Rideau St (in Rideau… Continue reading The PlantKind Lifestyle Directory