Custom Online Coaching


I help busy parents and professionals take back their health with smart and efficient online training and plant-based eating.

Online coaching takes the guesswork out of training, keeps you progressing forwards towards your goals, and keeps you accountable. With no traveling and no gym required, the busy parent or professional finally has time to make their health goals a reality.

How does it work?

Each month of training begins with a live-stream assessment with your coach, Kyle den Bak, PTS, SFG. Based on this monthly assessment, Kyle will continually adjust the program to keep you moving towards your strongest, fittest and most confident self.

Expert video instruction, weekly email support and a mid-point livestream check-ins allow you to work through obstacles and stay accountable each month. Your program and your progress are continuously monitored. Kyle cares about your progress!

Optional nutrition guidance and livestream coaching

Kyle was attentive to my lifestyle as busy professional when he designed the plan and included strength training helpful to my other sports activities and general well being. Kyle is attentive to details and listens well, is highly motivating with a combination of easy-going yet firm guidance.

Michael Gazier

Build a body that functions as good as it looks!