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Interview with The PlantKind Life

We were recently interviewed by Adele, a blogger from Liverpool, UK. Her gorgeous blog, Everything’s Peachy  is a wonderful resource for vegans all over the world.

Admittedly, Jane and I have sort of stayed behind the scenes at The PlantKind life. I’d argue that we can be modest, perhaps to a fault. After all, this isn’t a blog about us – this is a blog about simplifying the vegan life.


The reality is, however, that we really do practice what we preach. We would love to share more about our lives and how we do things because we really have made this lovely lifestyle work for us.

Adele had us delve into topics such as what inspired us to start PlantKind, nutrition philosophy and our daily routines.

We hope you enjoy the interview. Perhaps you’ll learn something helpful and maybe you’ll get to know us a wee bit better!


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