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I’m With You For Every Rep!

Online personal training has added a whole new realm of possibilities for trainer and client. It’s affordable and effective!

Not only is every workout designed delivered by me through the Trainerize website or app, I get to see your recorded results and deliver feedback to you. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!


PlantFit Online personal training will get you the results you are looking for either on its own or in conjunction with PlantFit at home training with me.



  • Programs are redesigned every 4-6 weeks to keep you progressing towards your goals!
  • I get notified every time you complete a scheduled workout, which keeps you motivated and accountable.
  • Ask me anything, anytime, through the app!
  • Detailed videos describe every exercise in detail, on demand.
  • Progress reports show you how you are improving.
  • Go anywhere. Workouts are tailored to what you have available. Never pay for a gym again if you choose!
  • Need a bit of one on one guidance? Combine with PlantKind Personal training. Ask about bundled rates.

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