Our goal is to bring our passions, and knowledge together to create products and services that serve our community and better the outcome for all living beings. The best way to inspire change and forward motion for a better, healthier planet is to educate and lead by example. We offer services that help you reach your fitness and health goals and learn to keep them for life. We also keep our social media and blog updated with the latest scientific nutrition information, exercise inspiration and practical tips to keep you going along the journey to better health.

To us, living a life in line with our values is the best way to bring meaning to it. We invite you to do the same. Learn to get fit and healthy and how your changes help you and others around you. Let us help you do that. We believe in you!

“Following a plantbased lifestyle and keeping fit can help make a better world. Living a healthy  life positively impacts yourself and others. Change yourself, change the world”.

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About us


Kyle den Bak, B.A, B. Education PTS -Founder, Trainer & Coaching 

Kyle is an endurance athlete (sub-three-hour marathoner, ultrarunner, and cyclist), a teacher and certified athletic trainer. Kyle is a trusted media commentator on sports nutrition and exercise as well as a sought after speaker at events on nutrition, exercise, vegan cooking and healthy living.

Jane Kearnan den Bak B.Sc Human Kinetics, B.Sc N, RN – Creative Director

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