Little Jo Berry’s Stellar Opening. Queues for days, treats for weeks!


You must have heard about the anticipated opening of Little Jo Berry’s Coffee and Eats. Did you attend the opening celebrations yesterday? It was legitimately a big deal.

Vegans are very loyal. When they are still sad about the loss of a great bakery and one of its former bakers rises up to create an amazing new place and show off her skills in her own right, we will come!

I was personally thrilled about it and was amazed to see the support Jo received from mentors, other business owners and the community. We had faith that it would be amazing before we ever saw the results and let me tell you, it is!

The Treats

So, we advocate for healthy, whole foods on a daily basis. But we also think being vegan is about having a fun and well rounded lifestyle. When nostalgia is wrapped with with cruelty free and topped with cuteness, we too will bite into a vegan twinkie or pop tart. Who can resist? There are also classics like the Sweet Lime Cake and savoury scones. Being able to go to a venue and have full choice and impress our friends is amazing.  Opening day had no shortage of fresh, delicious treats. We went classic with the Sweet Lime cake and Gluten Free Peanut Butter cake but will be back many many times to try them all.


The Coffee

I absolutely LOVE coffee. I will go out of my way to frequent places that have fair trade organic, small batch or artisan coffees. Add LJB’s to my list of tops. So happy to see they pull shots of Propeller and Detour as well as carrying Black Coffee Apparel. I went for an Americano which was delicious. I love that the choices of vegans milks are many. I can’t wait to try some espressos and lattes on my future stops.


The Food and Extras

Cute names for the sandwiches and salads and solid choices like Renew Cold Press juices make this venue a great one stop for a lunch and coffee to eat in or go. It is awesome that attention to choosing quality and local produce was made. I can’t wait to sample them all!


The Cafe

The graphic art of the logo alone got me very excited to see this place in action. The charming design featuring a raspberry logo is so darling, you feel it belongs in a fairytale novel or Diagon Alley (vivid imagination here!). One step inside and you get a clean sweep of 50’s milkshake shack feel with the black and white checkered floor and smells of vanilla and berries in the air.

The colours are cheerful and the bar where all the wares are on display is incredibly long. The inside features the logo on the front wall and a big “Appreciate Your Neighbourhood Baristas”  on the back wall. The sweet apparel is tastefully displayed on the shelves. Oh and the bathroom…. oh my! The cutest most dreamy banana leaf wallpaper, from a local shop Uproar Interiors, I made sure I got a look.

Opening day

We were so thrilled to go to the LJB opening and even more thrilled to see everyone else’s enthusiasm for this place. The line up was enough to convince anyone who hadn’t heard about it to stop by and take notice.

Despite the line, we did not have to wait long. The staff were extremely efficient and the treats were stocked up. We bopped along to the tunes while we waited and finally got our treats and sat outside to demolish them. They had features like Oat & Mill Root Beer Floats, Twinkies and Vegan Pop Tarts. See the Instagram page for more! So many posts, pictures and reviews popped up on our social media feeds and every single one was raving!

Little Jo herself was hard at work in the back when we went and looking completely in her element. There’s nothing nicer than such a hardworking and genuine entrepreneur and happy little (vegan) shop to set spring in full motion. Congratulations Little Jo Berry’s!

1305 Wellington St West Ottawa, ON

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