Vietnamese and Asian Fusion


Pho Thu Do

781 Somerset St. W. (Chinatown)

There are many pho restaurants in Chinatown and around the city. But because pho is traditionally beef noodle soup, vegan pho is hard to come by. Pho Tu Do on Somerset has it! Best described as the pho place with “the green sign”, Pho Tu Do offers a small veggie menu including vegetarian pho and rice wraps. Be careful to order the “vegetarian pho with veggie broth”.  The service is quick and they remember your order after a few visits.


Veggie Pho Also available at

Asian Stars


So Good


Asian Fusion

Asian Stars Restaurant

1380 Clyde Avenue (Nepean)

Asian Stars has separate fully vegan menu. They have various noodle soups with that delicious star anise and lemongrass flavour, rice wraps, stir frys and traditional dishes like General Tao’s. They have an edge because they offer faux meat (“vegan chicken, beef or pork) or tofu.  The food is very fresh and beautifully presented. Vegans and omnis alike love this place. Perfect for a vegan meetup or friend hang out.




3993 Riverside Drive

A big restaurant with flavours from Chinese, Thai and japanese cuisine located near T&T market. The vegetable section is almost all vegan minus the oyster sauce dishes. A great choice for a holiday staff party or family affair. Has booths or big tables. It’s definitely friendly for those who aren’t as experimental with their ethnic cuisine (think omni parents, co workers). The dishes are big portions too!


Mongolian Village

1980 Ogilvie Rd, Ste 159 (at Blair)

Very group and double date friendly restaurant located outside beside the Gloucester centre mall. Pick your own ingredients (so make it vegan yourself), ask the staff to help you with which sauces are vegan and sample them before you have it prepared stir fry style. Unlimited rice and vegetable soup with your order. Vegetarians and vegans get a 10% discount on their meal.


Chahaya Malaysia

1690 Montreal Road (Gloucester)

A Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine family owned restaurant.  The flavours are a bit like the best of vietnamese, thai and chinese food in one! Has a spicy, rich flavor including garlic, chili and tamarind. The owners will help you navigate the menu. Dine in the bright and cozy spot or take out.


Thi Fusion

500 W Hunt Club Rd

790 Kanata Ave


Asian Fusion restaurants are great. They tend to be great spots that lend to helping less adventurous people eat out and try something authentically asian. If you don’t think you’re auntie or work colleague is quite ready for a low key China Town spot or can commit to a full sushi dinner, a place like Thi Fusion is perfect. The atmosphere is classy and rather a mix of North American lounge and Asian chic (think purple lighting, orchids and beautiful aquariums). Then everyone can sample various cuisine like small sushi plates, beautiful Thai and Vietnamese flavours like chilli, basil and lemongrass on vermicelli or in a vegan str fry. You can sample drink favourites from wines to sake. This is a great party spot for friends and many easily veganizeable or already vegan items on the menu. Try it out!