Vegan Outreach Bookmark

Available now!

The Vegan Outreach Bookmark is a collaborative effort between the National Capital Vegetarian Association and PlantKind.

We are excited to offer a visually beautiful and informative piece you can leave behind with your tip when you visit a restaurant or venue which surprised and impressed you with their vegan cuisine.

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine is catching on to everyone! Want to encourage our local dining locales to get on board with the changes and demands? We need to show these establishments that they should be marketing and meeting the demands of a very hungry, fun and profitable niche- us! Vegans make great customers when you serve them well. We LOVE to tell our friends, post beautiful photos all over social media and grab a group of vegans for a meet up and order all the vegan things!

Now you can marry delicious vegan food choices with your activism. What better way to be a happy, vibrant vegan ambassador than to be out and about spreading the message that vegan eating is the future and educating others even after you’ve paid the bill and posted to social media.

Simply order your stock via PlantKind to start dropping these sweet little hints around town letting our local businesses know we are happy to have been served plant based products and loyal to the places who do.

Available as a bilingual (English and French) double sided dollar bill sized card.




pk bookmark-bilingual-front
property of PlantKind
property of PlantKind