Vegan Friendly Wedding and Gala Venues

~Vegan Friendly Wedding or Gala Venues

*Call ahead and follow each venue’s instructions for a quote and certainty that vegan meals can be provided

The Britannia Yacht Club

2777 Cassells St

The Yacht Club is a beautiful Ottawa venue that is primarily a boating and sailing club which transforms its upper deck banquet hall into a darling wedding hall. It overlooks the Ottawa river near Britannia, has lots of organic and nautical charm with wood walls and lots of ability to hand decorations from the ceiling. They have sample menus which already include many vegetarian options many of which can be veganized if requested. The pricing is fair, lots of parking on site and lots of great photo opportunity if you like sunsets by the water. Great for athletic and outdoorsy type couples.

The National Arts Centre

53 Elgin St

The NAC is a classic selection for a wedding. What’s not to love about the romantic location in the heart of the city, the moonlit picture opportunities by the water and the chic rooms they offer? If you are hosting a big crowd who prefer traditional and may be a little hesitant about a vegan wedding, perhaps dining at the NAC lit with beautiful chandeliers and an atmosphere of sophistication will ease their minds. Many of the vegetarian options already on the menu can be made vegan. They have certainly added a selection since I was personally planning! Depending on your guest list and personal style, you can rent one of five rooms from the salon to the rooftop terrace to go from more laid back to luxurious.

The Wakefield Mill

60 Mill Rd Wakefield, Quebec

The Wakefield Mill is a gorgeous, historical setting in Wakefield Quebec set off of the Maclaren River and beautiful MacLaren waterfall. It is a transformed grain mill from 1838 later transformed into a stunning country spa and restaurant. The grounds and hotel are naturally lovely and perfect for lovers of the outdoors as well as a little luxury. Though the chef has changed since our marriage in 2011, they advertise that they will accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. We were delighted with our fully vegan mezze cocktail hour and 4 course fully vegan gourmet meal and sommelier wine pairing. The flavour and presentation should win over any skeptic that an upscale wedding can be vegan. They have an excellent bar selection of high class liquors and the brunch buffet included in the stay had more than enough vegan options including fruit, breads, potatoes and coffee. Very fair pricing and a classic old world restaurant setting.