Vegan Friendly Bakeries

~Vegan Friendly Bakeries


369 Bank Street (Centretown)

A chic Tiffany blue environment and beautifully decorated baked goods. Almost entirely vegan and gluten free (some cupcakes have dairy icing). Daily cupcakes, scones, cookies and coconut based gelato. Custom order cakes and wedding designs. Gluten, egg, soy, peanut and mostly dairy free. True luxury in vegan baking.



4100 Strandherd Drive, Unit 114

The suburban cafe and sister to Thimblecakes. This chic cafe with the pretty colours includes the baking of the downtown store, light eats and little vegan gems from the coffee bar. Gluten, egg, soy, peanut and mostly dairy free. Suburbia is eating vegan and may or may not realize they have been!


Strawberry Blonde Bakery

114B Grange Ave (Hintonburg/Wellington West)

An original vegan and completely gluten-free and nut-free bakery with a location in the heart of Wellington West Village, owned by Jacqui and Claire. Products became known from Health Food stores and a farmer’s market stall, and now loyal customers come out to the bakery to pick up items from power cookies to cupcakes to weekly gluten free bread (Saturdays). They also sell a selection of frozen items such as vegan tourtiere and Jamaican patties.  Everything is delicious!


The Wild Oat Bakery

817 Bank Street (Glebe)

An original veg joint in the Glebe. Eclectic atmosphere, the smell of fresh bread and hot curries and pressed wonderful sandwiches. The cafe has two sides, hot bar, salads and baked goods/bread and the other is a juice and coffee bar and brunch, lunch and dinner menu. Serves beer and wine and new nighttime menu. Ultra popular so don’t panic if you find it at maximum capacity. They have a dining limit of 30 minutes during busy times so if you wait, you’ll get your turn. My favs are the no cheese pizza and East Meets West sandwich (modify to make vegan). Wild Oat changes ingredients of dishes often and at times they change what used to be vegan to vegetarian (cheese, milk, eggs or honey) so always double check. Vegans who’ve been loyal here want vegan food, Come on Wild Oat we believe in you!


Bread & Sons

195 Bank St

Features awesome coffee and a vegan pizza in this little walk by buzzing location in centretown. The vegan peanut butter chocolate square is amazing and not to be missed.

Dolly Doll Cupcake Co.

2333 Church St North Gower

Not exactly in inner Ottawa, but worth it if you can get your hands on these wonder treats. Created out of a need for allergen free baking (yes, need). They are free of dairy, nuts, sesame, eggs, sulfites and preservatives. The result are delicious and vegan friendly baking. The cinnamon rolls, cupcakes and other treats are outstanding. Take some home!


Bread By Us

1065 Wellington St West

Bread By Us has Hintonburg taking up the old fashioned practice of picking up weekly essentials on foot. Why wouldn’t you walk from nearby to request a beautiful loaf right on display, have it sliced there and order a top notch almond milk latte while you wait. They also have a great tea selection and one vegan sandwich on the menu. Their daily baking schedule lets you know exactly when to arrive if you want bread right out of the oven and is marked vegan beside their selections (most of which are). Hit it up!