Speaking and Group Wellness Services

A teacher by trade, for me it is a passion and joy to help groups of people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

My services can be arranged for small to large groups at schools, businesses, health care institutions and community and private events. I can individualize a plan that meets your needs. I combine seminars and active events can include seminars, hands on activities or both.

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A few examples of speaking and educational services I have provided in the past are:

  • A day of nutrition and exercise education for the Young President’s Organization at Mt. Tremblent.
  • A two hour seminar, “The Plant-Based Advantage for Athletes” at Ottawa VegFest
  • Corporate Lunch and Learns on such topics as “Sitting is The New Smoking” and “How to Eat for Energy and Productivity”.
  • Educational days for At Risk Students on how to eat well and stay healthy.
  • Cooking Seminars on how to create simple, low cost and nutritious meals using simple staple foods.
  • I provide monthly radio segments on LIVE 88.5 on various health and fitness topics.

Corporate Lunch and Learn and Education Days

Changing your workplace culture to one that promotes nutritious eating, regular movement and exercise will make your staff happier and more productive.

If just 10 percent of Canadians sit less and move more, we would reduce healthcare costs by $2.6 billion and inject $7.5 billion into the Canadian economy by 2040.

Empowering your staff to eat well and move more will:

  • Result in less time lost due to sick days and illness.
  • Improve energy and brain function.
  • Enhance creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Reduce depression and enhance sense of well being.
  • Help promote healthy work-life balance.

Let me help you create a culture of health in the workplace! Sound health is the absolute baseline for aiming high and achieving goals not just as individuals, but as a team.

These seminars are fun and interactive. They are great for team building and boosting confidence!

Public Speaking

I have given talks on various topics in health and wellness to diverse groups. Let me know how I can help you at your next event. Someexample topics are:

  • Simple Strategies to Go Vegan
  • Building Positive Habits to Improve Health
  • The Plant Based Advantage for Athletes
  • Eat Well and Get Fit on a Budget
  • Demystifying and Simplifying Vegan Nutrition

Youth Education

A subject close to my heart is improving the health and wellness of young people. I believe that learning how to eat healthy and stay active sets the foundation for sound learning, academic achievement and solid self-esteem. Unfortunately, most students never learn these habits.

Learning how to care for your body and mind pays
dividends for a lifetime.

I have worked with Big Brother’s of Ottawa to help educate students on these and other subjects pertaining to physical and mental health. I have also worked with at-risk high school students. But these topics are crucial for any classroom and age group.

If you are a teacher looking to round out any unit on health or provide your students or school with a powerful message of personal care and well-being, get in contact with me. I’d be happy to help!

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