39 Clarence St in Byward Market

Haveli has got to be known as one of the best vegan Indian spots in the city. Considering they have it right on the website that they “aim to please vegetarians and vegans” it is important to them. They have a great decor, gold plates and warm decor. Great vegetarian menu selection with great description and which the staff can help you decipher what’s vegan if you still aren’t sure. One huge bonus is that it is not overly oily and this means it’s not only healthier but you can sample more without getting full. Order several dishes with a date or friend and try many dishes. Show Haveli some love!

Shafali and Shafali Bazaar

302 Dalhousie St

55 Byward Market Square

Standard Indian dishes though the owner is Bangladeshi. You’ll recognize the names of many dishes. The menu is straightforward and breaks down with a veggie option for most dishes. The Byward market location Shafali Bazaar, is a lunch only “curry in a hurry” style while the Dalhousie location is lunch and dinner. Warm and vibrant decor in the sit down location and the same colours decorate the Byward location. A good place to go on a cold night.

Govinda’s Vegan Buffet

212 Somerset Street East (Sandy Hill)


A Hare Krishna temple. This translates into a humble, cozy place for students, neighbors and everybody. It is authentic East Indian, naturally vegan and all you can eat. $5 for students and 7 for everyone else. Donation box at the front. Come in, take off your shoes and eat away. Buffet includes a salad, soup and curries and dessert. It nice to be mindful of noise and conversation here. The staff are super friendly and humble. It’s a go-to for students and those seeking a healthy and humble dinner. The kind of pace that feels so good to be in out of a cold and dark night. Hosts an annual free of charge week called “feed the hungry week” (food or money donations accepted). Hours are Mon – Fri, 5-8 pm. 


Light of India

730 Bank Street (Glebe)

An original Ottawa indian restaurant of the Glebe. Many Indian dishes are naturally vegetarian and the staff will help you navigate the vegan choices. They serve your food onto portable heated surfaces and serve endless complimentary papadum which is amazing. The lentil dahl is exquisite. A true Indian establishment, they have dishes ranging from baby mild to vindaloo very very hot dishes. Choose your chili wisely.

East India Company

210 Somerset St

You will leave stuffed! This all you can eat has authentic East Indian has naturally vegan items that the staff are happy to point out for you. They always offer some a-la-carte additional vegan items at no extra charge. They have a fantastic pickle and chutney bar. Cool atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re transported to India. Great for a work function or family get together.