Hareg Cafe

587 Bank St. in the Glebe

This adorable restaurant has only recently gained massive popularity after being officially “discovered” by many Ottawa vegans and loved for its authentic and delicious all you can eat vegetarian buffet. The price is more than fair and is less than the non-vegan buffet. The all-vegan buffet is available every day of the week.  Try the traditional ethiopian coffee complete with the ceremony at least once. The owners spend part of their year as vegans for religious purposes and are knowledgeable about healthy and delicious vegan dishes. The injera is also gluten-free. They deliver as well.


Blue Nile

707 Gladstone Avenue

A standard Ethiopian choice. This restaurant is a perfect way to show your friends vegan eating can be exciting, entertaining and delicious. Order a vegetarian combo plate that you can share with up to 5 or 6 people (all stew selections added per person). Can be ordered individually as well. The stews or wot are savoury and spicy pea and lentil based dishes. Luckily they’re as healthy as they are delicious. Support this family owned gem.



574 Rideau Street (Sandy Hill)

Habesha is an Ethiopian restaurant with years of service to downtown Ottawa. The injera is always fresh and the veggie option is a hearty portion. They feature a traditional Kale stir fry and have a garlic flavour to most of their stews. The location is quite humble so go on a night where you don’t expect to be fancy. Down the street on Rideau from Horn of Africa- give them both your love!


Horn of Africa

364 Rideau Street (Sandy Hill)

Beloved by many and is the original Ethiopian restaurant in Ottawa. The injera is slightly more appealing to first timers as it is more wheat based than the traditional dark coloured teff flour injera. The veggie platter features a delicious array of vegetable and bean stews and a salad in the centre. A table for two might find you at the traditional straw tables or you can sit on the balcony and people watch on Rideau Street.