Custom Online Coaching

Effective, Customized and Complete.

The right program for the right person at the right time is powerful. This individualization is the basis of effective coaching. It is the product of experience and careful consideration of each person’s physiological and psychological needs, day by day.

True coaching is an organic experience. Programs and routines are customized and monitored to ensure the fasted and safest results.

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All The Tools You Need.

The road towards your health and fitness goals spans far beyond getting training sessions in. You’ll need to develop the mindset and lifestyle of an athlete. No matter your goal or your age, the right mindset, nutrition, stress management, and recovery strategies are essential.

This is why you’ll get extensive resources to help you on your way. This is more than just an additional perk. It is the essence of coaching and the foundation of success. You’ll learn many of the tips and strategies that I’ve used to help my one on one personal training clients succeed.

Discover how to recover better, generate momentum and bounce back from setbacks. Learn how to break down your goals into manageable pieces and to navigate through obstacles to success.

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True Customizability.

By treating each program individually, I’m able to customize for specific goals. Are you looking to improve your conditioning? Get stronger? Move better? Maybe you want to gain muscle, lose weight or prepare for a specific sport? Will you be training at a gym, or at home?

With me as your coach, I’ll take out the guesswork. You’ll be making the correct steps towards your fitness and wellness goals, planned with expertise and precision.

Real-Time Support.

Whether it’s your first or fifth program with me, every program starts with a complete telephone or video consultation (your preference). Every single program is tailored to your needs as they are today. This allows for intelligent design and exercise progressions as your needs and goals change.

Every program includes a telephone check-in halfway through the program to assess your progress, make necessary program changes and keep you motivated. Additional phone or video check-ins can be added to your package should you need them.

Email Support is available at any time.

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On-Demand Video Instruction.

Forgotten how to perform a specific exercise or drill? Every program has personalized video instruction you can access anywhere on your device.

Expert Video Analysis.

Exercise technique is an ongoing process for all levels of expertise. One of the most valuable things about having a coach is having a trained eye to help you discover areas where you need to improve. Mastering your technique will not only make your training safer. but also more effective. I’m excited to offer this service to you online!

You may send me videos of exercises techniques through a platform of your choice (Facebook Messenger, What’s App). This allows focussed feedback on how you are doing as well as action steps to improve! This is a most valuable feature you will not find in other online coaches.


More Help When You Need It.

Everyone requires different levels of guidance and intervention. Should you need more help, the following additional services are available:

  • Additional 15-minute coaching call
  • Personalized nutrition consultation and action plan
  • 1 on 1 live-stream training.
  • Live training sessions (The Health Club at the Chateau Laurier)

Training Options:

One, Six Week Program, $240+tax
Two, Six Week Programs* (12 Weeks), $460+Tax
Full Year of Programming, Eight Six Week Programs*, $1600+Tax

* Each new program begins with a consultation to assess progress and aid in proper programming. Each program will include a mid-point coaching call.

Additional Support:

15 Minute Additional Coaching Call $20+Tax
1 Hour Nutrition Coaching Call + Action Plan, $100
1 Hour In-Person Session*, $100